Against drunk-driving, Arkay liqueurs and alcohol-free spirits

Founded in France in 2011, the beverage company Arkay now sells its spirits and beverages to the United States. Find out about the spirits that aims to reduce drunk-driving.


The company’s objective is to reduce alcohol dependence. It therefore offers a drink with the taste of alcohol, the flavours of liqueurs, but without the potentially deadly consequences.

Each liqueur is packaged in American-made glass bottles with a patented technology called W.A.R.M., also produced in the United States. In its most fundamental sense, it derives from capsaicin. The odourless molecule has the same atomic structure as alcohol and, without the additional fermentation step, gives the same taste of alcohol.

Arkay is currently available in some bars and nightclubs, as well as online with deliveries in France. Arkay also launched a new collection of one-litre cocktails last autumn for 15 euros.

No more hangovers and the range is wide: they sell non-alcoholic versions of all types of whisky, a number of rums, gin, vodka, brandy, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, piña colada and everything you need to prepare these fruit drinks.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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