United States. July is the month of Dubonnet with the launch of new image and new recipe for the US

Earlier we saw how Dubonnet was presented at Bar Convent Brooklyn. The American version was released during the month of July, is the Dubonnet rouge.

The new version of Dubonnet is produced with Muscat. Made in USA, is a rare curiosity to be discovered. It also contains the typical quinquina, herbs, spices, and pure cane sugar. The new design of the bottle is inspired by the Dubonnet image of the 1940s and features the cat of Sir Dubonnet’s wife.

Historic French aperitif, existing since 1846. An opportunity for the american spirits market and tasters for this revival made possible by trader and historic distillery Heaven Hill Brands, the sixth largest supplier of distilled spirits in the country. Dubonnet Rouge will be available in 750 ml. and 1-L bottled sizes, at 38 degrees.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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