The new St.Laurent distillery project, valued at $9.5 million, begins

The Canadian distillery St. Laurent invests $9.5 million for the development of its new site on the sea shore of Rimouski.

The new St. Laurent distillery, producers of the mysterious algae gin established in Quebec, will propose a multipurpose concept. An aging cellar, a café-bar with a terrace, a tasting area, and a store will be added to the production facilities. The renowned architect Pierre Thibault, is in charge of the design and concept.

This $9.5 million investment will allow the company to triple its production capacity. In addition to improving the quality of the reception of visitors. Thus the Pointe-au-Père site will be transformed into a major tourist center.

As for the products, thanks to the location of the distillery facing the sea, the gin will have a strong saline influence. “…An innovation that contributes to our desire to bottle our terroir,” says Jean-François Cloutier, co-founder and “Captain of production”.

The distillery will also have a copper distillation still with a capacity of 2000 liters. It will allow to produce more than 500 barrels per year of its Acerum (water of life) products and its whisky.

The quality of the reception of visitors and the educational aspect are at the heart of the design of the new distillery. Spirits lovers will be able to follow the path from the raw material to the bottle. While they can wander around the facilities and the ageing cellar. They will finish their visit with a tasting on the terrace by the sea.

The project is made possible by these financial partners – Investissement Québec – Farm Credit Canada – Desjardins Capital.


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