Japanese Whisky Nikka Launches New Single Malts

Nikka has some great new for whiskey lovers in Japan. Two new single malts will be launched today thanks to the success brought last year from the Moscatel cask-finished single malt sold only in Japan and the two Rum-cask made for the Western market.

Nikka whisky is the second largest brand in Japan and today they present to us the new Yoichi Single Malt Manzanilla Wood Finish and Miyagikyo Single Malt Manzanilla Wood Finish, named after their famous distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo.

Unfortunately, both are only produced for the local market. However, this is at least for now since it is envisaged that some sellers will be presenting the 48% ABV bottles online, taking thus the product outside the Japanese frontiers.

The Yoichi Single Malt Manzanilla Wood Finish is distillated in a Manzanilla barrel, with sweet fruity notes, a peat and smoky fragrance and tropical aromas. The Miyagikyo Single Malt Manzanilla Wood Finish includes a light and fruity character coming from the aggregated Manzanilla. A combination of bitter sweet on the palate and dried fruits aromas, including notes of coconut and chocolate for a pleasant finish.

Furthermore, a new set of single malts might soon be released for Europe and The United States, such as they did last year with their Moscatel and Rum single malt. All there’s left to do is hope and wait.


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