AMASS’ master distiller created a hand sanitizer gel for her community

AMASS, are creators of botanical spirits. Their master distiller Morgan McLachlan created a hand sanitizer gel last month at 70% alcohol.

During her last trimester of pregnancy, Morgan McLachlan anticipated the shortage of antibacterial gel against coronavirus. With the ingredients in hand (alcohol and botanicals) she decided to create the gel to protect herself and her community as well.

AMASS' master distiller created a hand sanitizer gel for her community


With 70% alcohol, AMASS, (of the same name as the distillery), is a gel that even has more than the recommended alcohol level by the CDC’s, which is 60%. This is because they use the raw alcohol used to produce gin. Spices such as aloe, eucalyptus, and allspice are added to the preparation, which gives the gel a pleasant smell.

Forbes magazine interviewed McLachlan about her invention. In the interview, the master distiller says she felt personally vulnerable to COVID-19. “Because I had traveled so much and was eight months pregnant. The hand sanitizer was sold out in stores in my area and online, and I decided to create my own version.”


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