This unemployed bartender now struggles to pay for essential expenses

Bartender Daniel Arden lost his job as a bartender due to coronavirus confinement. Learn more here.

The pandemic that has shaken the entire world has hit certain employees hard. Among them are bartenders. Daniel Arden of the United States joins the record number of unemployed Americans. In Virginia, nearly 29,000 people lost their jobs, and among them we find Daniel Arden. Fortunately, he has managed to stay healthy and safe from the coronavirus, along with his daughter.

However, Daniel Arden has not been able to benefit from unemployment benefits. And he is struggling to pay for essential expenses like rent. “I went from earning well for myself and my daughter, to no job and hardship in just a week.” Arden reveals to VOA.

Luckily Arden got a job at a friend’s store. Although the pay doesn’t compare to his bartending job. “I was waiting for a certain amount to pay the rent, and when I got the check I forgot to deduct the taxes, which caused me to be $400 or $500 short of rent.”

For Arden, it’s not about living “like a rich man.” It’s about not having to worry about daily expenses like this.

In the United States today, the unemployment rate is probably around 13%. It’s almost certainly at its highest level since the Great Depression. That’s how The New York Times estimates it.

Another San Francisco bartender, tells the San Francisco Weekly that “I always assumed that my experience as a bartender was tough insurance.” Reality has hit many bartenders hard, proving otherwise.

Bartenders and dental assistants are in the hardest hit areas because of the coronavirus crisis. In states like Washington, some 14,800 initial bartender unemployment claims were filed between March 8 and April 25. According to The Seattle Times. This coincides with the number of people estimated to be working as bartenders in Washington in the second quarter of 2020.


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