This bartender provides support for bartenders during the coronavirus

Bartender at Otto’s in New York, Amber Sexton like many is affected by bar closures. She proposes ways to compensate for it.

Right after Otto’s closed, the bartender started looking on the internet and social networks for ways to tip. Even though New York is one of the few states where sick leave is guaranteed, tip income is not covered. Many bartenders earn a good portion of their salary from tips. So Sexton, decided to create a way to invite sponsors to tip unemployed bartenders during the coronavirus pandemic.

This bartender provides support for bartenders during the coronavirus

Amber Sexton . Courtesy of Amber Sexton via NextCity

Sexton created a Google Sheet document in which bartenders list their payment platforms next to their Instagram account. By having an Instagram account, users can learn a little more about them and see if they recognize them.

The project started only with the bartenders at Otto’s bar. But Sexton hopes the project will reach other bars around the country.

There are other alternatives to help bartenders, such as accounts created on GoFundMe or other platforms.

The USBG National Charity Foundation has also begun to raise emergency funds for bartenders, wait staff and other tipped service workers.


Via NextCity

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