Suwincha Singsuwan Rabbit Hole Bartender

Cry me to the Moon cocktail, a version of the Martini by bartender Suwincha Singsuwan

This cocktail was born from Suwincha Singsuwan’s quest to create something elegant yet simple. Cry me the Moon, is a dry cocktail with the aroma of truffles.

She is the bartender of the Rabbit Hole bar in Bangkok. Suwincha Singsuwan claims to be minimalist when it comes to cocktails. No doubt and she reflects this very well with the cocktail Cry me the Moon.

In an article in The Spirits Business, she explains how she changed the cocktail to suit the guests’ palate. Singsuwan says, “We have clients who couldn’t drink dry alcohol, so I created Cry me the Moon. It’s made with gin washed with truffle oil, pandan syrup, citric acid and apple juice cooked under vacuum with long pepper, orange and lemon peel to give the cocktail more dimension“.

Truffle oil-washed gin is certainly the backbone of this cocktail. To prepare it, Singsuwan boils 30ml of truffle oil with a whole bottle of gin. Then freeze the mixture and filter it, and freeze it again before serving. This mixture adds the aroma of truffle to the cocktail without changing the taste. A total of six hours are needed to prepare the Cry me the Moon cocktail.


Cry me the Moon recipe


45ml of white truffle oil washed gin

45ml modified apple juice

15ml Pandan syrup

10ml of citric acid solution


Dehydrated orange peel


Add the ingredients in the shaker and shake. Filter over ice and decorate with a dehydrated orange peel.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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