Andrei Dovgal – Winner “Best Brand Ambassador” INSTA CONTEST week 1

We congratulate Andrei Dovgal @yung.dovgal.7bar from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan for his victory in the Category #3 “Best Brand Ambassador” week 1 of the Spirits Hunters Instagram Bartender Contest.

In his Instagram profile Andrei promotes the best spirit/liquor combination with a certain flavour of tobacco like Hell Hookah produced by craftsmen, for which he is a brand ambassador. He reminds in every publication to “Enjoy responsibly” and “Learn to Taste”, the leading baseline of Spirits Hunters.

Think about whether you need all of this or maybe you should send it all to ‘HELL’ ” – Says Andrei referring to the brand he represents as a brand ambassador.

The promotion content Andrei is making for the brand is very original: from theatrical performances to funny but instructional videos on how to taste both spirits and HELL.

These are the examples of the content that you are able to find on his Instagram page.


About Andrei Dovgal

Andrei has been a careful observer of the social media activities that Spirits Hunters promote since the beginning of spring. His bartending and mixology skills, and originality made him a winner of the Spirits Hunters Confinement Bartender Contest we carried out during the confinement. But this is the first time he was nominated for the Best Brand Ambassador. Andrei and the whole @helltbc.original team are very happy for this achievement. « It’s not every day that your brand ambassador wins such a nomination. I have been at the bar for almost two years, and during this time I have gained experience that many can envy. For this I would like to thank everyone who was involved » – he said.

At the moment Andrei combines his work as a bartender at SE7EN Bar&Club ( and as a cavist at ASTORIA Wine Boutique (@awb.pvl) in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan. His future plans involve growing further and improving the quality of the contents he produces, including competitive content.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to the Spirit Hunters team for the opportunity to grow and prove myself again” – Andrei a pressés about the Spirits Hunters Best Brand Ambassador week. 

Visit Andrei Dovgal’s profile to appreciate a “how to” have an original approach as brand ambassador – @yung.dovgal.7bar


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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