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My first love relates to this cocktail: “Love At First Sip” by Christian Jude Basog

Everyone has its own kind of love. Christian Jude Basog, bartender from the Philippines, tells us what his first love looks like… as a cocktail!

Christian shared exclusively with Spirits Hunters the “Love At First Sip” cocktail, for our summer love stories.


If my first love were a cocktail, it would be a twist on the Espresso Martini: the Love at First Sip

My first love relates to this cocktail : A sweet and bubbly personality outside yet a bold and full of genuine character inside!

This is a take on a famed classic cocktail “Espresso Martini”. Using these ingredients, this drink can definitely wake you up and f°ck you up at the same time with a tropical touch.



Love At First Sip


45ml Dewars White Label Scotch whisky 

22.5ml Freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

22.5ml Coffee Reduction

150ml (Top up) Fizzy Tepache 

Method: Shake

Glass: Rock Glass

Ice: Ice Block

Garnish: Pineapple Slice, Lemon Peel and edible Orchid


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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