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The Cigar Club cocktail by bartender and mixologist Daniele Valeri

Cigar Club is a sophisticated rum-based cocktail created by Italian bartender and mixologist Daniele Valeri. Discover Valeri and his recipe here.

Previously, Daniele created his cocktails behind the bar of the Michelin restaurant, Copelle, in Rome. Today, the Italian bartender is in charge of the commercial consultation at Keynco and is the director of logistics and events at the Drinkable project. A company specialized in consulting and services inherent to the world of mixed drinks: cocktails!

My purpose is to create an unexpected contrast of flavours, colours and sizes. Nothing is what it seems. The idea is to provoke, surprise and delight. What matters to me is to convey passion and enthusiasm through a cocktail.”

The Cigar Club cocktail delights us with its particular citrus nuances, and every rum and even whisky lover will find enjoyment in this version of the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Cigar Club Cocktail

cocktail drink


Diplomatico Rum

Cinnamon sugar syrup

Angostura Bitter

Orange Bitter

Type of glass

Old Fashioned


Cinnamon stick burned on top


Mix the ingredients, filter and serve. Taste.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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