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The Lady J Cocktail by bartender and mixologist Régis Celabe

Régis Celabe brings us a sublime cocktail with a deep meaning. The Lady J cocktail is based on scotch whisky and exotic flavors.


Cocktail inspiration

The main idea of the Lady J. inspiration is to say women can drink whisky too . The glass is a woman body. The letter J. is the first letter of the current dancers leader of the most famous Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge. That’s why the glass is decorated with colored feathers.


Lady J Cocktail


-10 ml fresh lemon juice

– ½ fresh egg white

-25 ml yuzu puree

-50 ml cocoa liquor infused with Timiz pepper

-50 ml blended scotch whisky

Garnish: homemade chocolate garnish



In a shaker, poor all ingredients.

First, make a dry shake and then shake with the ice.

Poor the liquid into the glass.


*Cocoa liquor infused with Timiz pepper :

Pour 10gr of  Timiz pepper into the cocoa liquor  bottle and then let infuse 24 hours.

Remove the Timiz pepper from the bottle.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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