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If my first love were a cocktail it would be a “Otso-Singko”, by Jan Mark Pagatpatan

Today we introduce bartender Jan Mark Pagatpatan love story. In his own way, Jan Mark represents his first love in the OTSO-SINGKO cocktail. Read his story here.


OTSO – SINGKO can be best compared to my first love — RUNNING

It all started when I joined a short distance run 7 years ago and unexpectedly I was included on top 10 list. From there, I went on several endurance trainings and participated in numerous ultramarathon events in which 85km is the farthest and my sweetest achievement in running. Though, reaching that far wasn’t an overnight thing — I have to experience leg pains and injuries, endure the heat of the sun, and even failures of not reaching my desired rank. But every time I finish the race, all those bitter encounters turn into a sweet success which makes running more rewarding.

This cocktail’s bitter taste from cranberries perfectly matched the sweetness of rum and honey which taste was even enhanced with strawberry shrub and freshly squeezed lemon juice and soda which adds a little fizz on it.



Cocktail Recipe Cocktail: OTSO-SINGKO (Eight – Five = represent the distance I conquered)


60ml – Old Captain Rum

90ml – Cranberry Juice

20ml – Fresh Lemon Juice

10ml – Strawberry Shrub

30ml – Wild Honey 

45ml – Lemon Soda

Method: Dry Shake, Strain 

Glass: Pint Glass

Garnish: Lemon and Cherry


**Strawberry Shrub

– Is a combination of 150g of chop strawberry together with a 200ml of apple cider vinegar and honey in a small jar for 14days.



Mix the cranberry, lemon juice, strawberry shrub and honey using dry shake, make sure the honey is well mixed together with other ingredients. Add lemon soda on the shaker and pour the cocktail into your glass full of ice. Add the crushed ice and put the small bottle of rum. Garnish with lemon and cherry.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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