Bask Fashioned Cocktail by Laurence Marot & Régis Célabe

In the book Les cocktails à base de rhum Laurence Marot, journalist, and Régis Celabe, bartender join forces to show a variety of cocktails for rum lovers.

As the subtitle on the cover of the book says. It is a perfect guide to discover the art of mixology, the cocktails and all the traditional and tasty creations offered by the protagonist of this book: rum.

For today’s recipe we present Bask Fashioned, which Régis introduced to us. It is a variation of an old fashioned cocktail, but its original touch is given by its Basque colours. Hence its name.



5 cl of aged rum from Guatemala

1 cl light cocoa liquor

3 drops of chocolate bitters Chocolate Bitters

1 dash Espelette pepper



Add the cocoa liqueur, rum, Chocolate bitters and Espelette pepper directly into an old fashioned glass. Add ice and stir with a mixing spoon. Decorate with a small square of dark chocolate.

Regis Célabe is from the Basque Country, a country renowned for its Espelette pepper and chocolate. So he decided to add this touch.


Bask Fashioned
Tana Editions
Photos by: Charly Deslandes


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.