A Bacardi Fizz Cocktail by bartender Marc Bonneton

Marc Bonneton, much more than a bartender. He brings us this delicious cocktail, a version of Fizz with Bacardi, the Marco’s Bacardi Fizz Cocktail.

Bonneton is currently general manager of the bars L’Antiquaire – in Lyon, France – and Redwood. In 2011 he was awarded as the first winner of the famous Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition. A journey of experiences that lead him today to be a consultant in bars collaborating with establishments seeking the creation of their brand.

Expert in bartending, cocktail bars and cocktails in general, Marc Bonneton has acted as a judge of several international competitions of major alcohol brands.

Today, he nicely shares with us the recipe for his cocktail Marco’s Bacardi Fizz Cocktail. A version of the acclaimed Fizz – reputed for its difficulty – based on Bacardi and a French touch with Green Chartreuse liqueur. A delight to both the eye and the palate.


Marco’s Bacardi Fizz Cocktail

A Bacardi Fizz Cocktail by bartender Marc Bonneton
4.5 cl Bacardi

1.5 cl green Chartreuse

1.5 cl lime juice

1.5 cl yellow lemon juice

1.5 cl liquid sugar

2 cl egg white

3 cl milk cream, 35% fat

4 cl sparkling water


Decorative mint head

Type of glass



Taste and enjoy.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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