Q&A with bartender Martin Hudak: what’s on your mind?

We had a quick Q&A with Australia’s Maybe Sammy’s founder and bartender Martin Hudak. One place, one cocktail, one country.


1. Best place to be right now


2. Best cocktail to be drinking

Espresso Martini


3. Where would you be travelling in your mind?



How to Espresso Martini according to Martin Hudak

A true passionate of coffee, here’s Martin Hudak’s Espresso Martini recipe at Maybe Sammy.



Ethiopia Gelana Abaya Natural ⁣

– roasted 11:30 min ⁣

– development 12% ⁣

– 22,5g in ⁣

– 25g out ⁣

Mr Black ⁣

You can follow Martin Hudak on Instagram @martin_hudak


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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