Evoo Martini cocktail

Evoo Martini – a cocktail by Massimo Stronati

Learn how to make a cocktail based on gin and sherry by the Italian bartender Massimo Stronati!

Massimo Stronati has been a bartender for more than twenty years. This is a family business for him.

He is very passionate about the craft and spends much of his time studying, researching, collecting cocktail & spirits books.
His passion is old books. Among his favories cocktail book is 1887 Jerry Thomas green copy.

Stronati is currently the head bartender at Ettan Palo Alto, Silicon Valley California. It’s a Californian Indian Restaurant with a bunch of different styles mixed. His Italian origins bring a different experience and legacy to the bar of the restaurant.


Evoo Martini cocktail

Evoo Martini cocktail


2 oz. gin Latitude 45 Rossi d’Angera

3/4 oz. Sherry Pedro Ximenez

1/2 oz. Basil Eau de vie

2 drops angostura orange bitters

2/3 drops extra Virgin

Olive oil

Mint leave



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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibility. 

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