Evoo Martini – a cocktail by Massimo Stronati

Learn how to make a cocktail based on gin and sherry by the Italian bartender Massimo Stronati!


Evoo Martini cocktail


2 oz. gin Latitude 45 Rossi d’Angera
3/4 oz. Sherry Pedro Ximenez
1/2 oz. Basil Eau de vie
2 drops angostura orange bitters
2/3 drops extra Virgin
Olive oil
Mint leave

Massimo Stronati is a bartender for more than twenty years. This is a family business for him.  
He is very passionate about the craft and other than spent a lot of his time studying , researching, collecting cocktail & spirits books. His passion is old books, favourite cocktail book is 1887 Jerry Thomas green copy.
He is the head bartender at Ettan Palo Alto , Silicon Valley California it’s a Californian Indian Restaurant with a bunch of different styles mixed, being Italian he is bringing a different experience and legacy.


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