Are bartenders becoming the new chefs?

Nowadays bartenders create more than cocktails at the bar. Creating products such as ready-to-drink beverages makes them almost chefs! Read why.

With the growing popularity of ready-to-drink (RDT), ready-to-drink or pre-mixed drinks, the bartender’s popularity is growing. So much so that Los Angeles bartender Aaron Polsky, creator of the LiveWire Drinks premix line, decided to create a talent agency for emerging bartenders.

Aaron told The Daily Beast, “We are the first to bring multiple bartenders together under one roof. There are other bartenders who have launched their own cocktail cans and what they offer is something generic with a bartender’s expertise behind. My idea is that all this is their art. We are bringing this to the public“.

Each month he will present a new contribution to the line of canned cocktails. Participants include Joey Bernardo, Sother Teague, Christine Wiseman, Moe Aljaff, Yael Vengroff, Chris Amirault and Erin Hayes. He currently works with 15 bartenders and most of them are in Los Angeles.

LiveWire drinks contain 7.5% ABV and have a sale price of $5.50. With the sale each bartender will receive a royalty, and like the musicians, the LiveWire system works like a record label.

What LiveWire is doing is allowing bartenders to benefit from their intellectual capital rather than a time-based model,” says Polsky.

Currently, sales of beverages such as hard seltzer, canned wine and other premixed drinks are enjoying success. The hard-seltzer business is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2021. Polsky expects this premixed beverage boom to drive the LiveWire project.

Now the focus is on producing cans and getting them out as this will be the way to build the agency,” says Polsky.


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