Ndiano cocktail by bartender Moe Aljaff from Two Schmucks bar

Moe Aljaff is a bartender, Co-Founder & Owner at Two Schmucks bar located in Barcelona. He shared with Spirits Hunters his signature cocktail recipe, the Ndiano.

Two Schmucks is also defined by its owner as a cocktail bar exclusively, however the Two Schmucks also offers a nice selection of beers, wines and vermouth. The Two Schmucks bar stands on “… good drinks, good vibes & promote cocktail culture worldwide.”


Ndiano Cocktail recipe

We asked Moe Aljaff to share with Spirits Hunters his favorite signature cocktail, for which he showed us the Ndiano, a rum based cocktail. When it comes to summer nothing refreshes more than adding ingredients such as mint, and of course, ice to your drinks. Make at home or at your parties this refreshing rum cocktail by Moe Aljaff.

signature cocktail recipe by moe aljaff


40 ml White rum

10 ml PX Sherry

5 ml Fernet branca mentha

35 ml Coffee

2 drops saline Solution

90 ml Tonic

Mint leaves


Shake all ingredients except the tonic, add 90 ml of tonic into strainer, fine strain into highball glass with ice. Garnish with Mint.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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