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The “Sailors Tattoo” rum-based cocktail by bartender Sherine John

This rum-based cocktail by bartender Sherine John will please almost every palate if not all of them. Discover the bartender and his recipe here.

John Sherine was a born and raised in Kerala, India. With over 10 years in the field of international bartending, Sherine has not just built his own signature style of mixology, but also has participated in some of the most notable bartending competitions in the field, around the world.

Having won the Finlandia Vodka, Belvedere re-constructed and American Whisky challenges in India, he is considered among the youngest and top mixologists in the World. Known for creating new styles and benchmarks in the field, his innovative cocktails and zeal for mixing bold flavors has raised the bar for bartending.

Today Sherine works at @tresinddubai creating inspiration in every drink he prepares.



*Nominated mixologist of the year @masalauae 2019,

*Nominated bartender of the year @prochefme 2019

*Bartender of the year 2018


The Sailors Tattoo Cocktail

rum cocktail


Sailor Jerry spiced rum

Homemade clove and cinnamon syrup

Chocolate bitter

Type of glass: Old Fashioned

Preparation: mix all ingredients and stir

We serve this drink along with a edible Tattoo, which is garnished with chocolate mousse, chocolate roll and white chocolate dust.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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