Mariel cocktail by bartender Kentaro Satoh

Kentaro Satoh is bartender and owner of the Yokohama bar in Japan Bar Day Cocktail. He introduced us to his signature cocktail recipe Mariel, and also told us about his inspiration behind it. Kentaro is looking for challening recipes and to bring into them personality with stories and analogies as from where the ingredients and circumstances come together.

“The Cuban port city Mariel is gaining attention globally for its growing international trade. This has only increased in the light of the improving diplomatic relations with America; Mariel is now going to be Cuba’s window to the rest of the world. More than 200 years ago, Japan also went through a similar transformation. In 1859, Yokohama was the first port city to start trading with other countries. My legacy cocktail ‘Mariel,’ made with BACARDÍ Gran Reserva 8 Años rum, aims to bridge these two cultures and create a new ‘port city cocktail’.”

Bar Day Cocktail challenges new techniques of mixology style, mainly of homemade spirits and cocktails using ingredients, also making cocktails and others that incorporate overseas trends. The bar has been prized multiple times with awards such as Grand Prix Yokohama Mayor Award at Yokohama Cocktail Competition. Kentaro has also been recognized internationally in different spirits contests.

Mariel cocktail recipe



1 1/3 oz BACARDÍ Gran Reserva 8 Años rum

0,60 oz Orange juice

1/2 0z Coconut water

1/3 oz Honey

2 Dashes absinthe


Cocktail glass


Cinnamon powder


Shake and strain. Garnish.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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