The Indian cocktail and spirits scene is evolving, but people need more places to share

Much is being said about how the cocktail scene is evolving in India. Indeed, sources confirm that restaurants and bars have carefully crafted cocktail menus and are as well prepared with precision, adding to this the use of local ingredients and mixes made from proprietary recipes.

But there are different characters from the industry contributing to the evolution of this scene. Not only cocktail-wise, but rather to the development of building a better person-drink relationship.

Recently, Pernod Ricard’s India CEO, Guillaume Girard-Reydet, explained in a interview with that the spirits giant is keen to ensure “quality moments of sharing a good drink”. Reydet, thinks that the country needs more places where people can gather for this purpose.

In his opinion, the Indian market is evolving at a fast pace. To Reydet, Pernod is not focusing on selling spirits. The idea behind selling premium spirits is having a moment of sharing a quality drink. Whisky, for instance, remains the number one category on spirits, even when country liquor is the actual number 1 category in India. However, spirits like gin and vodka are both booming in the country. Other categories such as wine is growing very fast.

Furthermore, Reydet states and insists on the fact that “to share is the most important”. Places where people can share are indispensable. So it is important to leave “a proper footprint of liquor stores, cafes, restaurants, bars which will be properly balanced with customer needs“.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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