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A interview with bartender Pietro Monaco: tattoos and Flair Bartending

We virtually met with Italian bartender Pietro Monaco. He became a bartender at the age of 18 and then discovered bartending flair on the Internet, a sport in which world-class bartenders perform all over the world.


But we also spoke with Pietro about his tattoos and their signification.

Spirits Hunters – What are the significations of these tattoos ? Is it related to personal stories, relatives, or your vision of life ?

Pietro Monaco – My first tattoo is the Three stars (cf pictures), it represents my family. The second one (Life is not a game but I want to play all) I did the same with my girlfriend. And the last one (Flair without limits) was inspirited by the legend bartender Rodrigo Delpech, I did it after my first competition . It was my challenge to become one of the top flair bartender in the world. This tattoo is really important for me. It helps me a lot to never stop my practice, and now I’m in the top flair bartender in the world.


– This is an amazing story ! I saw that you went to some flair contests. How do you feel when you are performing ?

Being on stage is really exciting, it makes me happy, sharing the passion with flair community is indescribable.


– I guess so. That must be thrilling! Why did you chose this motto : “without limit”? How were you feeling after your first contest?

At my first contest I did the last place on 40 bartenders, in Gaeta Passion flair competition in Italy where I met the most famous flair bartenders for the first time. For years I watched them on YouTube, and said to myself I want to be like this them. I decided to do a tattoo to give me a motivation, to push into my practice every day, flair without limits because you must always reach the next step, and again, and again…


– It seems that this contest was kind of a shock, it gave you the will to go further. Did you get tattoed here?

In Italy


– What is your favorite cocktail or could you share with us one of your recipes ?

Of course, one of my favorite drink is De la Louisiane, my creation : Served in a rock glass with clear ice, as garnish kumquat with crema pasticciera made with Jagger Manifest.

35 Tanqueray gin

22.5 Jagger Manifest

15 rose liquor

15 Americani Cocchi infused kumquat

0.75 ml cinnamon syrup

10 clear lime

2 ml The Kahwa


-It seems delicious! Grazie mille Pietro!


Don’t Drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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