Yellow Sorcery cocktail by bartender and mixologist Ryuichi Saitoh

Mixologist and bartender Ryuichi Saitoh from Japan, brings us his exclusive craft cocktail recipe based on Chivas Regal Mizunara.

Yellow Sorcery cocktail by Ryuichi Saitoh (Yellow Sorcery Meaning the name for Old Penicillin in Japan). He is a Mixologist and Bartender Chef at TRUNK(BAR) of TRUNK Hotel in the Shibuya district.

For him, bartending is his lifestyle. He shared with Spirits Hunters his personal cocktail recipe, Yellow Sorcery.


Yellow Sorcery cocktail

Yellow Sorcery cocktail by bartender and mixologist Ryuichi Saitoh


1 3/4 oz Chivas Regal MIZUNARA

3/4 oz Homemade Spicy Ginger Maple

1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1/8 Smoky Islay Whisky

5 drops Lavender Bitters


Homemade Ginger Maple syrup

6 and 3/4 oz of Fresh Ginger Juice

6 and 3/4 oz of  Maple Syrup

3 1/4 oz of Water

2 long Cinnamon stick

5 Cloves

Add Water and Spices into a pot. Boiling until Water get heat.(About 20 min.until smell spice flavor.) Then, add ginger juice and cook for three minutes. Add maple and cook five minutes. Put in clear empty bottle and chill in the fridge until cold.

Cooking time

30 min

Maximum use

1 month


For the cocktail :




Shake all ingredients and double strain into the glass.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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