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Winners of the fourth week of “Confinement Bartender Contest”

The contest is already on its fifth week starting today, and today we are proud to introduce the ten winning bartenders of the fourth week of our “Confinement Bartender Contest”!

Spirits Hunters launched a contest to help bartenders from all over the world during confinement, the “Confinement Bartender Contest”.

Each week we choose 10 winners, and we will present 2 per day on our website and our social networks, Instagram (@spiritshunters_mag), and Facebook. Contest ends May 30th.

You can also find information on our Twitter account (@spiritshunters).

You can check the winners of the first week here, the winners of the second week here and winners of the third week here.

We are happy to receive videos from all over the world. Every week contestants from every corner of the planet are sending videos and we couldn’t be happier. We want to thank and congratulate all bartenders for their effort and dedication and special thanks to the IBA for their support.

To all participants: Don’t be discouraged! As your video might appear as a winner in a new week of contest and you will be participating for the grand prize as well!


It is time to reveal the winners of our fourth week of contest


Week 4 day 5

Today we introduce the last two winners of the fourth week of contest. We are happy to congratulate Paul Dumain, from France, and Michele Hitch from Italy! Congratulations for your confinement cocktails!


Paul Dumain – France – Point Rouge

Cocktail: Sweet Bee Collins

50ml Cognac

20ml Homemade Honey Sirup

20ml Acid Apple Juice

50ml Ginger Beer

2 dash Cinamon Bitter

Method: Direct in the glass.


Michele Hitch –  Italy – DiscoClub Molto


– 25ml Marsala

– 15ml Apricot Brandy

– 25ml Moca coffee

– 15ml Sugar syrup

– 15ml Egg white


– Whipped cream

– Biscuits



Week 4 day 4

The winners of the 4th day / 4th week of our competition are Jairra Poltrias from Philippines and José Eduardo Sandoval from Peru another new country in our list of winners! Congratulations for your confinement cocktails!


Jairra Poltrias  – Philippines – Sage Bar ( Makati Shangri-La )

Cockail: Taste of Hope


45 ml Scotch Whisky

20 ml Dry Vermouth

15 ml Calamansi Juice

15 ml Brown Sugar Syrup

10ml Mango infused Fish Sauce with Black Pepper

Add strip of mango from the infusion

Method: Shake and Double Strain
Glass: Rock Glass
Garnish: Sliced Calamansi and Mango from the infusion

Mango infused Fish Sauce with Black Pepper Recipe: 45 ml of Fish Sauce, 5 Ripe Mango Strips, 5 pinch of Black Pepper. Put everything in a clean glass bottle, infused it then put it in the fridge for 1 day before using it.


José Eduardo Sandoval – Peru – Chumay Chifa Restaurant

Cocktail: El Casero

3 oz pineapple syrup

1/4 oz lemon juice

10 grams of chopped coriander

5 gr of chopped ginger

10 ml ginger syrup


Complete with cold boiled water or sparkling water.

Garnish: Lemon slice, ginger cubes, chopped coriander

Glassware: rocks

Method: stir



Week 4 – Day 3

On this day we have a winner from a new country, Belarus! Congratulations to Katerina Kolybskaya from Belarus -very special video!- and to Thomas Peigne from Spain for their confinement cocktails!


Katerina Kolybskaya – Belarus – Gastro-club “Mesto”

Cocktail: Smith Cocktail

Ingredients :

20ml Campari

30ml Whiskey

30ml Home-made liquor “raspberries on cognac”

30 Lemonade

Method: stir.

Preparation: mix liquor, whiskey and campari in a mixing glass with ice. Pour over the strainer into a chilled glass. Add lemonade on top. Garnish with sugar flowers (edible) or a slice of orange.


Thomas Peigne – Spain – MR ROBINSON

Cocktail: Cherry Pearl Cocktail


1/2 apple

50 ml gin

15 ml maraschino liqueur

50 ml Pomegranate juice

2 spoons of cherry jam

15 ml egg white

Garnish: apple and cherry spiral


Week 4 – Day 2

Today we are happy to congratulate Joaquin Conejo from Argentina and Davide Norcini from Italy, for their cocktail tutorials in confinement!


Joaquin Conejo – Buenos Aires ARGENTINA – Bartender Academy 

Cocktail: Spring Tea

London Dry Gin – 60ml

Plum Jam – 2 BarSpoon

Earl Gray Tea – 90ml

Vanilla Syrup – 1 BarSpoon

Lemon Juice – 20ml

Method: Shake and Strain
Glassware: Cup (Wine) – Full of ice
Garnish: Tea Bag – Lemon Peel


Davide Norcini – Italy – (Based in Spain) – Dry Martini Bcn Bar

Cocktail: Mango & Stormy

Spiced Rum 6cl

Mango curcuma shrub 3cl

Ginger beer 7cl

Chocolate bitter 4 dashes


Week 4 – Day 1

Our first announcements of the fourth week. We are happy to congratulate Brunante Robert from Canada and Akash Kanojia, from France for their cocktail tutorials in confinement.


Brunante Robert – Canada – Le Boefish

Cocktail: The Bubble Gum Martini


1/2 oz raspberry liqueur

11/4 oz vodka

3/4 oz homemade bubble gum syrup

1 bar spoon of unsweetened strawberry puree

1 bar spoon of 35% cream

All shaker + double strain

Garnish with cotton candy on a pick (optional)


Akash Kanojia – France – Hotel and spa moulin de Moissac

Cocktail: ” Hope is alive “


Fresh ginger slices

Red fruit tea syrup


Lime juice

Sweet vermouth


CONGRATULATIONS again and thank you for participating! For any specific questions please contact marie@spiritshunters.com. For sponsors: nathalie@spiritshunters.com

We encourage all bartenders around the world to participate in our contest and to spread the word to their known bartenders. To read the contest rules and learn how to participate click here.

For any questions you can also contact us via Instagram Direct @spiritshunters_mag.

Good luck!

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