Recipe “Bad Girl” – cocktail by the siren of bartending Maria Baranets

Maria Baranets is sharing her best cocktail with Spirits Hunters: the Bad Girl.


Recipe "Bad Girl" - cocktail by the siren of bartending Maria Baranets
Born and raised in Kiev, Maria Baranets is the siren the bartending world has been waiting for. Her astounding beauty and seductive allure bemoans confidence and her drinks are just as deadly as the cheeky wink she provides, whilst sliding her latest astounding creation across the bar.

A good heart is hard to find these days and Maria wears hers on her sleeve and with a comprehensive knowledge of drinks and drinking, and a genuinely charming personality that is absent of any trace of insincerity, bars and brands from across the globe have their hopes set on winning over this rare and precious Ukrainian temptress. Knowing the rules of the game is one thing, but breaking them is the true mark of an innovator.

Ladies and gentleman without further ado, please allow me to introduce the one and only Maria Baranets and her cocktail Bad Girl!


Bad girl Cocktail

Recipe "Bad Girl" - cocktail by the siren of bartending Maria Baranets


50 ml Bacardi carta Blanca

30 ml strawberry purée

25 ml lemon juice

15 ml sugar syrup (1:1.5)

6 basil leaves

Method: shake

Type of Glass: coupe glass

Garnish: an aged balsamic rim dusted with Parmesan flakes.


P.S. Bad Girl is a Mediterranean summer in a glass. Everything that evokes your feelings and heats your imagination has now become a harmonious blend of form and taste, only simple and infinite; like love, sun and shoreline.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibility. 

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