cómo hacer el throwing how to throw a cocktail

How to Throw a cocktail? 8 steps to reach the technique

How to Throw a cocktail? One of the simplest ways to mix a drink. It has a smooth, flowing and mesmerizing elegance.

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Throwing is a cocktail technique generally used when we want certain drinks to benefit from certain aeration.

Drinks containing wine (Vermouth) or Sherry not only benefit from aeration but also allow any aromas to be released.

Cocktails such as a Manhattan, a Negroni, and even a Martini are the perfect cocktails to pitch.

The drink passes from can to can forming a shiny ribbon until it lands in the bottom can.

Negroni Cocktail


How to master the Throwing technique?

By now if you haven’t mastered the technique, you might be wondering how to throw a cocktail and what do I need?

What you will need:

Aside from alcohol and some decent ice, for pitching you need :

  • Two containers between which the drink can be thrown.
  • The tins of a Boston Shaker are the easiest to use for pitching a drink, as the thinness of the metal rim will produce a clean pour.
  • In addition, you will need a strainer to hold the ice in the top can while you “pour” the liquid into the second can. A Julep strainer is often used for this, as it is easier to handle than a hawthorn strainer, but the choice is up to you.


How to throw a cocktail? 8 steps

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1. Assemble the drink ingredients in what will be the top cans. Add about 2/3 ice, but not so much that the top can is difficult to control.

2. Place the strainer on the can at a 45 degree angle so the liquid can pour over the strainer.

3. Hold the top can overhead with the dominant hand.

4. Grasp the lower can near the rim, between your thumb and middle finger, which will allow you to lower the lower can to your knees.

5. Lift the lower can until it meets the upper can and begin pouring, allowing the liquid to fall from top to bottom.

6. Pour slowly, controlling the speed and concentrating on the mold you are lowering. To make sure you don’t splash, hold the lower mold slightly tilted, so that the liquid reaches the indie edge of the mold.

7. Increase the distance between the molds. There should be about one-third of the liquid left in the upper mold when you reach the maximum range.

8. Then pour the partially mixed liquid back into the top mold and repeat the operation four to five times for best results.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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