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Do you know how to use a shaker? 7 ways to shake

How do we use a shaker? Shaking is one of the methods for mixing, cooling and diluting a cocktail. We show you several ways to do it.

Cocktail shakers come in various shapes, types, materials and even colors, but they allow us to create various types of cocktails. They are usually used for cocktails called sour, which contain citric acid like lemon juice, or those with cloudy ingredients like pineapple juice. By shaking a cocktail we also cool our drink and it will dilute more quickly. We will also achieve a softer texture and a little froth thanks to the aeration as for a daiquiri.

However, there are shaking techniques that are more complicated than others to achieve certain cocktails. But not only the final result is a determining factor. If you have been to a bar, you will know that bartenders do not always shake in the same way. Let’s also remember that bartending is an art and that every movement to create a cocktail projects an image of the bartender to his or her client.

If you dare to create cocktails at home we show you six different techniques to do it. You can have a Cobbler type shaker or a Boston shaker. The first one consists of three pieces: a metal glass, a lid with an integrated filter and a metal lid to seal the opening. The second is a two-piece system comprising a large glass and a second smaller glass that fits into the first creating a seal. Then, to filter your drink you will need an external strainer.

Ready to shake? Let’s get to work!


7 ways to shake a cocktail


1. The classic way

Take your shaker and turn it to the side by 90 degrees.

2. Clicky-Clack

Up and down movement. The name comes from the sound this movement emits.

3. Two Hands

Hold a shaker with both hands, one in front and one behind. Both arms are engaged in the movement.

4. Shake the coffee

A very fast shake to impress your guests.

5. The Motorboat

Shake two shakers at a time, alternating one moving forward while the other moves backward.

6. The Gun Show

Like the bottle, we shake two shakers at the same time in perfect symmetry.

7. The twist

Casually turning the shaker in the palm of your hand when you lift it to look cool.

When shaking a shaker, keep in mind:

-Keep it horizontal and ensure that the ice and cocktail rub against the walls of the shaker.

-Keep the lid of your Cobbler shaker and the back of it facing you to avoid spraying your guests.

-If you use a Boston shaker add ice and ingredients in the smaller glass. The larger one will serve as an airtight “seal”.

-For cold cocktails without ice, strain the cocktail with another fine strainer placed over the glass.

-For cocktails with egg white foam (or aquafaba) use the dry technique, without ice. This is one of the most difficult practices to obtain a perfect foam.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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