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Luxury cobbler and jigger cocktail shaker to prepare beverages


Are you looking for a cocktail shaker that combines quality and luxury? The Italian brand Eligo creates this cobbler cocktail shaker and jigger for you.

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The Italian cocktail shaker Eligo is a high-quality product

This set which includes the cocktail shaker, the jigger, and a cocktail spoon, is made by hand. The crafting method of pewter casting Eligo then turns this article into a unique object.

Iconic, it gives you an optimal grip thanks in part to its weight, an indispensable factor in these objects. Its measures are 21.5 cm high and 8.5 cm in diameter.

On the other hand, its aged and at the same time elegant aspect, solid but sleek, make it an element of the bar that will stand out. Perfect also for the flair-style bartender or the mixologist.

The Cocktail Shaker Set is composed of the “Cobbler Shaker”, Jigger, and Cocktail Spoon. Ideal for the dining room and bar. You can get it in limited editions or have it made directly with the Eligo brand.

Without a doubt, an aspect that makes it even more of an original and unique product.

So don’t wait any longer and order to prepare the best cocktail in your bar.

The Cocktail shaker processing time is 10 to 30 days.


Eligo is a Milanese brand specializing in handcrafted objects that combine traditional know-how with contemporary aesthetic sensibility.


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