New York. An innovative multifunction sterilizer presented on Kickstarter for reusable bottles

Specialized in the production of household products, ESN Tech presents one of its new products. This is Klistem, a multifunctional sterilizer used to disinfect and deodorize thanks to the UV-C light. Klistem is a very effective tool that’s allows eliminating 99, 99 % of bacteria. It is particularly useful for the maintenance of reusable bottles.

The product remains performing even in the presence of bacteria which can’t be cleaned with washing powder or soap. Thanks to its compact format and the USB port, Klistem is refillable and can be transported everywhere. The household product also includes an LED indicator to control the sterilization process which sets only 90 seconds. By blocking the bacterial proliferation, Klistem favorites the total abolition of bad smells. Practical and easy to use, the sterilizer cleans the inside of the bottle entirely, including the slots. Pre-orders are opened on the Kickstarter website to price lists between 49 and 69 dollars.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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