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Edoardo Sandri, an Italian mixologue

Edoardo Sandri, born in 1984, a true Florentine. He began his career in the world of bars in 2004, working in bars and taverns in his neighborhood of the city.

Initially, he was oriented towards university studies in literature, but dropped out of a couple of exams before completing them to pursue his great passion: mixing.

At the end of 2008, after a hiatus of bartending first in Rome and then in Fiesole, he joined the team of the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. First, in the banking sector, and finally in the Atrium Bar. Here, under the auspices and teachings of the General Manager of the Bar Luca Angeli. But also, of the former Manager of the Bar Massimiliano Prilli. Afterwards, he develops his passion and curiosity for mixing to become the hotel’s main bartender. He now works under the direction of Bar Manager Thomas Waving.

The passion of Edoardo Sandri, whom guests can meet every day from evening to night, is his work. His cocktail of choice is the ultra classic and very Italian Negroni cocktail. An indirect starting point as a choice to never be trivial. For his preparations, Edoardo devotes much of his time to the search for the perfect ingredients. These are often unconventional, linked and not just to the territory nor limited to working with alcohol, but ranging from cooking to fruit juices. And, if necessary, passing from clams to truffles. There are no limits to smell or taste, with the aim of converting sensations, flavours and images into liquid flavours.


Designing Cocktails

It often takes more than a month to design a cocktail. This is the case of The Throwing Stones. Its “stone” was the surprise of the “Florence Cocktail Week 2017”. Not only for its absolutely unusual presentation, but also for its unique taste, capable of restoring the “taste of salt, taste of the sea” sung by Gino Paoli in the 1960s. Edoardo Sandri has a philosophy that extends to everyday life and the search for effects and fragrances. “The idea for The Throwing Stones, a tribute to the Rolling Stones, was born while I was walking along Cecina beach – says Sandri – where I was going to find my father. I was wondering how to make the stone effect, the sand effect and the shell effect, and I started thinking about it. Thanks to a company in Turin that created the ‘glass’, the result was fortunate and pleasing to everyone.”


Edoardo Sandri, an Italian mixologue

Throwing Stones cocktail – Edoardo Sandri


The results of Edoardo Sandri’s ongoing research are a series of cocktails presented in the new cocktail list in a unique and curious way. Starting with its Special Tea (in a cup and saucer with a golden rim). And Mitutoyo (delicate in its sweetness), going from Primavera (with dry ice) to Paparazzi (which gives a photo to those who sip it), to the comforting Poäng (a pot of milk with cookies). And the refined Tiramisù cocktail (one of the delicious drinks of the Dessert).

Edoardo Sandri shared with Spirits Hunters one of his signature recipes. You can actually taste THEM at the Atrium Bar, called El Falso Nueve.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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