Javier Alejandro Sham: ingredients of the moment

Certainly the seasons and their fruits influence the gastronomic elements that we can resort to and in this way each season inspires diverse tastes and aromas to include in our cocktails.

Javier Alejandro Sham Lourenço is a bartender at the Sherry Butt Bar in Paris. He shared with us his favorite ingredients of the moment for the season.

Among his selection of ingredients we find herbs such as Pu Erh tea from Yunnan Province in China. This tea translates as black tea in western countries and brings great health benefits. More importantly, the preparation of this tea requires a complicated technique, making it unique. The trend of teas in cocktails is very interesting and lends itself to any season.

On the vegetable side, Javier selects the shiitake mushrooms. Sham also has a certain preference for the Greek Skinos liqueur, which has a very powerful flavor and is also used for medicinal purposes. And the Cap Corse Bianco by Mattei, a very famous Corsican aperitif based on white wine and the cinchona plant, originating in South America.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.