interview with diego cabrera

Interview with Salmon Guru’s Diego Cabrera, winner of the coveted Michter’s Art of Hospitality award

The World’s 50 Best Bars awards has announced the winner of the coveted Michter’s Art of Hospitality award. We asked five questions to Diego Cabrera! Read the interview here.

Photo credits: Salmon Guru

The award, which has been won by Salmon Guru, Madrid, is created to recognize how important hospitality is. It is the first award to be announced in the countdown to The World’s 50 Best Bars awards, which will take place on Tuesday 7th December.

Over 600 industry experts were asked to name the bar where they received the single best hospitality experience, and Salmon Guru, one of the most revolutionary bars in the world, came out on top to win the award.

Madrid’s top destination bar, Salmon Guru is known for its quirky cocktails and five-star service. The stellar team, led by founder Diego Cabrera, creates curious concoctions which push boundaries of what’s possible with cocktails, alongside unique moments for guests to enjoy throughout their entire experience at the bar.


Spirits Hunters: What makes you most proud of your bar?

I think that Salmon Guru is completely different from other bars. Not only for the decoration or the cocktails – Salmon has a special energy that is transmitted to the people who come in, like you can walk in the air. Our amazing team makes this possible. Salmon is a 360 experience and yes, the cocktails are crazy.


Spirits Hunters: What is your favorite cocktail at this very moment and its recipe?

My favorite cocktail is the Ultramarino, made with 5 cl of gin, 2 cl of sherry wine, 1 cl of mezcal, 5 cl of the lime cordial, two drops of the rhubarb bitter. We put this cocktail under the Mediterranean Sea. This is an umamic cocktail and the presentation is amazing.


Spirits Hunters: How many cocktails have you created in your time?

In my life? Hahaha no idea, a lot!


Spirits Hunters: What comes to mind when you are creating a cocktail?

This is so complicated to describe because I am always searching for inspiration in the most crazy, daring and unusual things. I enjoy a lot this search, and you know if you enjoy it, all the people around you also enjoy it.


Spirits Hunters: What comes first? The alcohol, the taste, the umami, the season we are in?

First you see and then you smell the cocktail. For this reason it is always so important these two first steps, the rest is that the cocktail needs balance because a cocktail is 90 % nose, taste and aftertaste.

But for us, all the steps are important because if you can stimulate all the senses…you win. The people want to leave with memorable experiences.


Thank you!

Salmon Guru

Calle de Echegaray, 21, 28014 Madrid, Spain



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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