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The evolution of the cocktail by Diego Cabrera

Guru Lab is the new project of Diego Cabrera -gastronomy award, which charts a new course in the evolution of the cocktail.

The establishment in Madrid is the third cocktail project by Diego Cabrera, who brought Salmon Guru to stardom until it became part of The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2018, and in 2019 the best cocktail bar in Spain. By the way, fans of Viva Madrid will also find their place in the Guru Lab.

Guru Lab is an R&D space where innovative and original combinations take place. In addition to seasonal creations and other rarer ones, exclusive to this place that only opens two days a week.

The place is located in front of Salmón Gurú, in the same Echegaray street, and a few meters away from Viva Madrid. For majestic works like the one done in Salmón Gurú, Diego Cabrera was recognized with the National Gastronomy Award.

To revolutionize the cocktail sector, Guru Lab has a biologist who plants varieties in a vertical hydroponic garden. Here inhabit several types of mint, cucumber-flavored mosaic leaves, the Chinese longevity plant with a licorice taste, zebrina from Brazil, Vietnamese coriander and ribbon roots that are edible. Also, he carries out a study on the different fruits and species brought from Amazonia. Thanks to his travels he gains new ideas for his creativity.

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Guru Lab an ideal place to discover alcohols

The key, for Cabrera, lies in creating “beautiful combinations with a nose.” He likes his cocktails prepared with natural, kilometer 0, sustainable and healthy ingredients. That they are refreshingly original and socially engaged, plus the right level of alcohol, is essential.

A cocktail is the most cultured way of drinking,” so Guru Lab is an ideal place to discover new alcohols. For example, shochu; Japanese awamori; singani of Bolivian origin; Venezuelan cocuy liquor or Mexican raicilla.


Guru Lab, Calle Echegarat, 14. Madrid.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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