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Meet the list of The World’s 50 Best Bars of 2018

Attention drink tasters all over the world! If you are tired of the same old bar of every-weekend we have some good news for you.

The World’s 50 Best Bars has recently announced their 51–100 list of 2018 with 19 new bars appearing on the list. Maybe this time you will find in your city one of them. Ready?

19 new bars and 19 countries in total are part of the 51-100 list, with The United States leading leading the ranking with 12 hotpots in total. The majority of them are based in New York. Furthermore, Asia goes second with 13 bars included in 6 countries.

Best bars in New York according to the ranking:
Amor y Amargo (Num 74)
Long Island Bar ( Num 84)
Aviary (Num 89)
Leyenda (Num 97)

These are the 6 Asian countries where you will find the best best bars according to the ranking (number on parenthesis represents the quantity of bars found in that country):

• Singapore (3)
• South Korea (3)
• China (3)
• Japan (2)
• Thailand (1)
• Indonesia (1)

There also four countries from South and Central America found the coveted list as well as 5 bars in total in the United Kingdom in London and Edinburgh.

Within the 19 new bars on the list, we find China, occupying number 51 with the “China Sober Company”, and Hong Kong’s Quinary on number 54. Furthermore, we find Toronto, with the Bar Raval representing number 70 and The Carnaval from Lima, Peru occupying position number 68.

For more information you can look up for the best bars in your country on the website www.worlds50bestbars.com. The event will take place on Wednesday October 3rd in London.


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