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Bartenders: Five things you should know about tips

You’re at the bar and you don’t know whether to pay or open a tab. Here are five things you should know about tips.

  1. Techniques to buy a specific cocktail or a more expensive liquor. Body language and verbal language influence the client’s decision making.
  2. Writing thank you on the invoice is another strategy to conquer the customer. The reciprocity between the bartender and the client is infallible.
  3. Create a special cocktail “just for the client”, to make it feel more special. But sometimes they may really be unique or they may already have been invented. Actually, creating cocktails is an art, and therefore, it is very difficult for a bartender to create a cocktail instantly.
  4. Tipping a bartender is a gesture of gratitude for his good work. A bartender who is helpful, who knows how to advise the client on his choice of drink and who, above all, knows when to stop the client when he’s out of drinks.
  5. True, they have their “techniques” to seduce the client and get more tips, but like any other restoration work, it’s another of the profession’s means of income and for the great part, a substantial amount of their income.

Now you know!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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