Adil Fahri Tala, bartender of the Ritz Carlton Macau shares his cocktail Yunnan Gimlet

The World Class bartender of the Ritz Carlton Macau Hotel shares with us his craft cocktail Yunnan Gimlet.


Adil Fahra Tala revives the farming spirit in this cocktail. Prepared with Pu-erh tea and tea tincture from Yunnan Mountain, China. He decides to call it the Yunnan Gimlet cocktail: “I might think you need a taste for it. In fact, Pu-erh has a wide spectrum of flavors, and sometimes you just have to figure out what suits your tastes” says Adil.

Pu-erh is unique in the world of tea. There is no other tea like it in terms of processing, storage and taste. Different factors such as the origin of the raw materials, the soil, altitude, weather and storage conditions affect the taste of Pu-erh and make it such a fascinating type of tea.”

His complex cocktail also consists of a spirit base: Chase GB Gin. An original Extra Dry gin, well marked by juniper, and aromas from ten botanicals such as bitter almond, coriander, cardamom, acacia flower, elderflower, clove, angelica root, licorice, lemon peel.

GB Extra Dry gin, one of my favorite gins. British cultivated potatoes that are distilled to obtain vodka, and that is distilled again with 10 botanical products. That’s right, gin made from vodka.”

In addition, his cocktail enjoys the Italian liqueur Italicus, for the complexity. Finally, the kombucha adds the probiotic side to the cocktail and its infallible vinegary flavor and refreshing touch.

Yunnan Gimlet Recipe

Adil Fahri Tala, bartender of the Ritz Carlton Macau shares his cocktail Yunnan Gimlet


40 ml Chase GB Gin

10 ml Italicus

50 ml Jasmine Kombucha

15 ml Lemon

2 dash Pu-erh tincture


Ice and flower

Type of glass

Vintage coupe


You want to recreate the cocktail? Start with Extra Dry GB Chase gin


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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