Marylin Thibodeaux: 85 and bartender

In Houston, Kate McLean of the Houston Chronicle went to meet Marilyn Thibodeaux, an 85-year-old bartender who arouses everyone’s curiosity.

She is serving her cocktails frequently, almost every Wednesday at 14 Pews; a non-profit arts collective of which her daughter Cassandra Thibodeaux is the general manager.

Marilyn at 85, she enthusiastically serves her clients, and says it’s who’s in front of her that counts, not her. This is a person with an incredible life experience, who lived in the old continent and even saw the beginning of the Berlin Wall, and lived in Paris.


She wasn’t the only octogenarian bartender

Back in 2015 in the city of Detroit, Clarise Grzenkowicz, 96, of Maplewood Tavern, stood out in the world of bartending for her age.

These two stories are an example of how perseverance and motivation are present at any age. Admirable gestures for the bartending world of women.


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