The City of Spices cocktail by bartender Nelson de Matos

Nelson de Matos is our bartender of the day, with his craft cocktail recipe City of Spices, a “Spicy/Refreshing/Mind Blowing” cocktail recipe.

De Matos, has been in the world of bars since 2001. He still keeps, as a talisman of some sort, the shaker from which his first creation came out, in the summer of ’98. Native from the Algarve, Portugal, he is always in close contact with the guests, where the bartender loves to perform. “Creativity, Hospitality, Humility and Inovation” are the main foundations for the success of a bartender.

Having the ability to transform moments into memories through experiences in the bar“, such is his mission, every single day.

Self-taught, a tireless scholar of the bar art, he is the previous Head Bartender of Gusto By Heinz Beck, the cocktail safe heaven, in Conrad Algarve. And nowadays, the bar manager of The Royal Cocktail Club in Porto.

His awards:

World Class Bartender of the year 2018 Portugal
Bartender of the year @ LBS2019
Best Hotel Bar @ LBS2019/18/17

He introduces us to his craft cocktail recipe the City of Spices, which he defines as “Spicy/Refreshing/Mind Blowing“, made with flavored vodkas, sweet additions like coconut water and a spicy touch with hot chili peppers essence.


City of Spices cocktail

cocktail by nelson de matos


45 ml Cîroc Coconut

15 ml Ketel One CURCUMA Infused

40 ml Fresh Coconut Water

30 ml Lime Juice

10 ml Sugar syrup

4 Drops Cardamom Organic Essence

2 Drops Hot chilli Pepper Organic Essence

Type of glass:


Method: Throwing


Zest of Lime

Preparation: add all the ingredients in the shaker and preform the throw technique. Fine strain and serve.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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