Meet Fiorella Larrea, bartender of one of the most exclusive bars in Lima

Although we had already spoken in our article “Bartender in the Feminine“, it is worth highlighting each character that complements the scene. Focus on Fiorella Larrea.

From Lima, Peru, a city that enjoys an exceptional gastronomic development, we highlight the bartender of a city where San Isidro and Miraflores concentrate the best bars to enjoy cocktails. Cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages. A must for the gastronomic complement of restaurants in a country in constant growth in this aspect.

Fiorella Larrea commands the bar of the Tragaluz restaurant in Lima. An innovative bartender who is always creating new cocktails for the bar and her clients. She tells El ComercioI’m always ready to take on challenges“. Larrea is another figure who proves that women are capable of anything in a world characterized by male dominance.

Larrea has a career that goes back six years. After several opportunities in the hotel industry, she started as a hostess at the Tragaluz restaurant. “It was at that time that I realized that the subject of cocktails was something that attracted me a lot and I applied for a position at the BeloBar (bar at the Belmond), thanks to the career system that the hotel has. That’s where I consolidated my passion for the bar,” he tells El Comercio.

But his training evolved thanks to sharing with other bartenders in the hotel and the support they gave him. He learned many techniques. And after a lot of effort and dedication, Larrea is currently the head of the Tragaluz bar, where the proposal is “to be a unique space to enjoy in Lima, and the objective is to take the cocktail bar to that level,” she concludes.

Tragaluz, Hotel Belmond

Address – Malecón de la Reserva Avenue, 1035 Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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