Joan Williams cocktail by Esteban Pallavicini

Today we present Joan Williams cocktail by Argentine bartender Esteban Pallavicini. A tasty and fresh floral cocktail, to taste if you are a lover of orange blossom and lavender,

Esteban Pallavicini, born in Argentina, discovered his passion at the age of nine by admiring his uncle behind the bar. Because his father’s work became a nomad from early childhood, and he keeps walking and working around.

At the beginning of the new century he decided to settle in Barcelona for a while. From there, he would travel to new job opportunities. Classic since its inception, his career has evolved to different directions many times. For example, tropical cocktails from Brazil and the Caribbean. Also, Asian flavors, Mediterranean inspirations. And furthermore, a Tiki lover, and a researcher of pre-Hispanic beverages, author creations.

Pallavicini, opened a cocktail bar in Sayulita Mexico where he developed a complete menu based on Km 0. ingredients. But in 2018, a Mediterranean-inspired menu has been signed for a Costa Brava beach bar. A new project, in the Frisco area, a mobile cocktail bar is in the oven, close to being ready next fall.


Joan Williams Cocktail



2 0z  GinMare Mediterranean gin

3 0z freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 oz cl orange blossom honey

5 drops of lavender flower tincture

2 sprinkles of bitter citrus

3 oz Club Rosemary Soda

Garnish: Rosemary & Grapefruit twist (rosemary and grapefruit)

Method: First, place all the ingredients except the soda in a shaker. Secondly, shake for ten seconds, filter twice in a large cup full of ice cubes. Finally, add the soda and stir gently to mix well avoiding loss of carbon dioxide.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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