Matteo Pasetti

L’albero delle susine – a cocktail by Matteo Pazetti

Matteo Pazetti, the owner and bar-chef of Laboratorio Gant in Bellaria (Rimini), Italy is sharing his  experience with Spirits Hunters!

Purple Plum Tree

I am 39 and 20 years of my life I spent behind the bar. The last 3 years I worked in the social club that I projected by myself, where I made classic and signature cocktail with local products.

In 2018 I was selected by Campari for the first Wild turkey whiskey family with other 16 barman in a great project which is already on.

This year, after Italy lockdown because of COVID-19, with the social distance restrictions, I lost many tables for customers: from 25 tables to only 16 customers capacity, and I decide to go back to my old passion. Molecular mixologist and dessert preparation and maybe save the bar with some classic cocktail recipe to eat, and a list of 6 signatures cocktail to drink.

L’albero delle susine (Purple plum tree)  cocktail story begins from this local kind of plum called susina, in the farm of my friend and it’s purple colour reign over a yellow grain cultivation, like a beautiful picture. In this cocktail I try to bring the colour of the territory of Romania.

L’albero delle susine (Purple Plum Tree)

L'albero delle susine

L’albero delle susine (Purple Plum Tree)

2 cl (2/3 oz) fresh lemon juice
6 cl (2 oz) wild turkey rye whiskey
2,5 cl (5/6 oz) purple plum syrup homemade
A dash of violet extract homemade


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibility. 



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