Heave’s window cocktail by bartender Lefteris Broupis

Lefteris Broupis was born in Greece where he is head bartender at the Boheme bar. At the Diplomatico World Tournament, he presented Suño de suerte, a cocktail that allowed him to win the event in Greece and to reach the final stage in the South of Europe.

The cocktail Heave’s window delivers fruity flavours through the presence of Bergamot liqueur Castro and lime juice, which adds a touch of spice. With the foam that tops the cocktail, the drink gives the irresistible urge to be tasted.


Cocktail Heave’s window





50 ml Jameson with butter and banana

10 ml of Bergamot liqueur Castro

15 ml of lime


Type of glass: cocktail glass


Filling: edible flower



Mix the ingredients in a cocktail glass and add on top Tonka and Tangerine foam. Add the filling and serve.




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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