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Meet bartender Demitria Dana, Bacardí Legacy Singapore finalist

Bacardi Legacy 2020, the Singapore bar scene, and a cocktail recipe from Demitria Dana, we tell you everything.

Currently bartender in Singapore at SKAI, Demitria Dana Paramita is preparing a special cocktail for the next #BacardiLegacy2020. The Ramona Legacy is Demitria’s cocktail. It is inspired from Doña Amalia Bacardí, the Bacardí Legacy Mother, who designed the logo of the brand. But also, from all mothers around the world and of course, “my mother” she says. Based on strawberry, it is a fruit that her mother introduced to her since very little. A sweet treat, difficult to grow in tropical countries, which translates to a true challenge. The meaning of the fruit for Demitria is important as it is a metaphor of life’s challenges, ups and downs.

With Ramona’s Legacy, Demitria is now into the Singapore National Finals for Bacardí Legacy 2020. The event that took place at Jigger and Pony, gathered eight participants from which Demitria, along with bartenders June Baek (Madame Fan) and Bryan Bonifacio (Employees Only).

But we also took our time to converse about Singapore’s bar scene, what drives consumers into their drinking choices and Demitria’s point of view on how people collaborate in the evolution of this scene.

I am currently staying in Singapore. The guests here are very diverse. Singapore guests in general know what they like and understand what they are having. They are willing to explore on craft cocktails, natural wines, craft beers, etc. The cocktail scene in Singapore is very friendly. Everyone always wants to improve together and everyone always build a different identity and concept.”

Dana’s next step is to compete in the national finals and find the opportunity to compete in the Bacardí Legacy 2020 finals in Miami.

The Ramona Legacy Recipe

cocktail made with bacardi rum by bartender demitria dana


50 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

8 drops of Pernod

10 ml Palo Cortado Sherry

20g Strawberry Jam

10 ml Fresh Lime Juice

Method: Shake

Glass: Martini / Coupe

Garnish: Strawberry slice


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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