A fair dedicated to sake : a drink with growing popularity

Sake is exported very well outside Japan’s borders. Apart from falling sales in Japan, the trend is rather upward outside. In this context, we attend the organization of a multitude of events whose purpose is to promote this particular drink. The Sake Fair to be held between October 6 and 8 at the New Cap Event Center in Paris is the perfect example.

The show is already in its 5th edition and is a real success with the public. The initiative for such an event was taken by Sylvain Huet, a sake enthusiast. It makes the show a showcase and a springboard for small producers who seize a chance to make themselves known to the public. Participants include professionals, but also sake enthusiasts.

Since the first edition in 2003, this show has come a long way and continues to bring great excitement. This year, the organizers are relying on the presence of about 5000 visitors. The discovery of over 500 different sakes is part of the program, as is the tasting of Japanese gourmet dishes.

In addition, conferences, and exchanges on the theme of sake will be led by experts. For admission to the show, the entrance fee is 25 €.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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