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AI at the bar: “People are looking for the experience, not robots”

People are looking for the experience, they don’t want robots in bars,” asserts Shatbhi Basu, referring to artificial intelligence in the bar during the Women In Mixology roundtable held in Bengaluru, India.

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Artificial intelligence in the bar is booming and transforming all walks of life, from bartending. The future of bartending and the role of artificial intelligence in it was one of the key topics addressed at the Women in Mixology roundtable held in Bengaluru on Wednesday, featuring India’s first female bartender Shatbhi Basu, bartending professional Aslam Gafoor and entrepreneur Ajay Gowda, among others.

And the collective view was the need to find the right balance. The event, held on the occasion of Women’s Day, was also attended by six female mixologists from across India.


AI at the bar: but not on the front line

According to Shatbhi, while AI is good for fast food establishments, it is not ideal for places where people come for an experience, such as bars.

I think AI is great for airports, movie theaters, etc., places where people are looking for something quick. For bartenders, sure it can be used behind the scenes, to figure out how to make the bar more efficient, how to package costs, to come up with phrases for cocktails, etc., but not on the front line.”

According to Shatbhi, even if AI starts to be introduced in the on-trade, it won’t last long. “It may cost people their jobs at first, but soon everyone will realize that it doesn’t work. When you deal with a human bartender, you can communicate your needs and request changes. But with artificial intelligence, there will come a time when you will have to accept everything they offer you. Some people don’t like the idea of a restaurant where you have to scan QR codes to see the menu. People are looking for the experience, they don’t want robots in bars,” he added.

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The balance between AI and the human touch

The audience, however, had divided opinions. While some claimed that the introduction of AI will detract from the industry’s creativity, others felt that AI could help create personalized experiences, making the processes involved more efficient. While AI is a great concept, the importance of the human element should not be forgotten.

Aslam insisted on the need to find a balance: “AI is here and it is here to stay. Now it is up to us to find a balance between the two to serve customers in the best possible way. Human touch and feel combined with AI capabilities will bring the best experience.”


AI revolution around the world

Thanks to AI, apps, kiosks and chatbots are revolutionizing the consumer experience around the world. The world’s first robotic bartender,, launched last year by an Israeli startup, offers customers an interactive drink service, complete with pranks, ID scanner, proficiency in more than 40 languages and the ability to prepare up to 120 drinks in an hour.

Recently, two British developers introduced A.I. Bar, a feature that helps bartenders track customers through facial recognition, ensuring faster service and less waiting time for customers.

In addition, there are features where customers order drinks digitally and the AI, which recognizes the drink, delivers the promoted offerings to them with text, graphics and video.


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