Flair bartending at its best: Philip Traber

When in Germany… We had never thought of meeting with Philip Traber, a very skilled bartender and Manager at Traber Event Gastronomie a Gastronomy establishment specialized in the rental of tents and catering supplies as well as staffing based in Düsseldorf, Germany. It organizes as well Event gastronomy for concerts, festivals, folk festivals.

Bartending can be very sophisticated at times. When we met with Philip Traber in Germany (at some bar), we witnessed a pretty elaborated flair bartending session. Flair bartending is used occasionally in cocktail bars, it requires skills commonly associated with jugglers. Some, let’s say that you should be careful and have practiced quite some time to dominate these moves.

The word and the practice became popular in the 1990’s. Ever since, competitions of Flair Bartending take place. You probably remember the famous Tom Cruise film Cocktail, right ? Look at Philip Traber prepare some delicious jägerbombs !