Cape Town, a cocktail by bartender Tommaso Scamarcio

The Cape Town Cocktail is created by Tommaso Scamarcio, who works as a bartender at the Quadra le Club in Italy. He participated in the Clairin The Spirit of Haiti international bartenders competition in Paris, where he finished second.

Cape Town has a variety of ingredients including sweet tomatoes reminiscent of Bloody Mary. There are also Apulia from Italy, as well as lemons produced in Africa and in the region of Gargano.


Cape Town Cocktail

Cape Town, a cocktail by bartender Tommaso Scamarcio


3 ¼ oz of Datterino tomato juice,

2 oz of London Dry Gin Elephant,

¼ oz of Oleo Saccareum,

3 drops of Green Pepper Tintura from Cameroon and Buchu from South Africa

Type of glass: Old fashioned cocktail glass

Garnish: edible flower


In a shaker, pour the different ingredients in the proportions indicated. For mixing, use the throwing technique. Then garnish with the edible flower and serve.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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