“Entre amigos” cocktail by Andrea Maccarone Moreno

Andrea Maccarone Moreno was born in Almería, Spain. He soon became interested in bartending and decided to go to London to learn the basics. He later returns to Italy where he is employed as chief barman at the Grand Hotel Terme di Sirmione. In order to improve his skills, he works with Luca Anastasia, a world-renowned bartender and other Italian and Cuban professionals.

“Entre amigos” is a complex cocktail made with whiskey and egg white. Ginger and green apple Shrub is also included in the recipe. Grana padano adds a delicious Italian touch to the drink.


Cocktail “Entre Amigos”



Ingredients :

-Johnny Walker Gold Label Whiskey

-Licorice liqueur homemade

-Shrub of ginger and green apple

-Lemon juice

-Egg white

-Saline solution

-Abbot’s bitter with anchovies from Cantabria and Grana padano.

-Type of glass : cocktail glass

-Filling : edible flower



In a shaker filled with ice, mix the ingredients. Shake well and filter into a cocktail glass. Add the filling and serve.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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