Maxim Schulte

Stack of Fortune cocktail by Maxim Schulte

Young and talented, Maxim Schulte was recently pointed out as new chief Barman of the American Bar at The Savoy London hotel. Named world champion of the Beefeater MIXLDN, he attracts by his creativity.

Fond of delicious flavours, Maxim Schulte travelled into many countries. Beginning his career in Hamburg, he continues in China, then in Bangkok and in Saudi Arabia. He affixed his touch to the creation of several cocktails which made him known of the public.

Stack of Fortune is a winning creation, consists of Beefeater 24, fresh lime, of white cocoa cream, orange and fresh mint. Its orange colour makes it perfect to decorate any table, in meal or in aperitif.


Stack of Fortune cocktail

Stack of Fortune cocktail by Maxim Schulte


45 ml of Beefeater 24

15 ml of fresh lime

15 ml of cream of white cocoa

15 ml of flower of orange

2 dashes orange bitter

Finish with some soda of pea blue butterfly

A handle of fresh mint


Highball glass


Mix ingredients except the soda in a Highball glass. Add the crushed ice and mix until the glass is frosted. Add then the soda and the mint leaves for garnish.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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